Caro's CORE 28-Day Wellness Challenge​

Get healthy for life

Next challenge starts on February 7th!

Hurry! Registration closes on February 5th at midnight!

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Are you so used to putting everyone’s needs above your own, that you can’t find the time or motivation to take care of yourself?

Do you wish you had someone to hold you accountable and give you the push you need to take control of your life?

We are often so focused on fulfilling our responsibilities, (i.e., working, paying our bills, raising our kids, and the busy work that life brings), that we abandon investing in our own wellbeing.

As a result we feel overwhelmed, out of shape, and unfulfilled.

And then we see people who seem to “do it all.”

They have successful careers, meaningful relationships, and are in good shape…and we wonder how they do it… there is one answer:

They have good habits. 
The good news is that you could have them too. 
Watch how:

Have you ever felt like you know what you should be doing, but you don't understand why you can't push yourself to do it?

You want to feel better and look better. You wish you had more energy. You want to do all the things, but no matter what you try, you can’t manage to stay consistent. You start strong, but then you get frustrated and quit. You can’t seem to get it together. What’s missing?


Did you know that over 4,000 people have successfully climbed Mt. Everest? 
Do you know how many of them did it alone? 

Not one.

Apply the CORE Methodology

Clarity, Organization, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

Get clear on what your health and life goals/priorities are for the next 28 days and beyond.
Learn how to organize your day around your goals/priorities in a sustainable way. 
Tap into your resilience by reframing your perspective, adjusting your habits, and being held accountable.
Manage your emotions and delay gratification to reap massive rewards.

For less than $4 a day, you'll receive:

  • Accountability, group coaching & personal support for your mind, body & spirit ​
  • ​Access to a private community where you can connect to other participants & join accountability teams
  • ​Free downloadable app to stay connected on the go
  • ​One weekly Q&A Zoom call to connect with Caro
  • ​Caro’s personal development videos on C.O.R.E to help you define success and achieve your goals 
  • ​Daily affirmations to keep you on track
  • ​Caro’s Pile On the Greens Eating Guide & Recipes to guide you in creating a healthy lifestyle
  • ​Weekly full body workouts and exercise resources
  • ​Meditations, Apps, and resources to guide you on your spiritual journey

What CORELifers Have to Say

"Caro's Core Challenge will change your life. It forces you to instill healthy habits in your life and focus on YOU. The amount of accountability & support you feel from the women in your group is immeasurable. At the end of the 28 days you’ve experienced such personal growth you can’t help but sign up again."  
- Isabella

"I learned that you can stumble, but getting to the finish line is what matters most. I learned that we all can make it happen with no excuses."
- Rebecca

"I made new friends and realized I'm not alone."
- Liz

 Registration closes on 
February 5th.

The life you deserve is just a few days away.

Are you feeling inspired to join but still have questions? 
Text me "WELLNESS" to 305-871-9035

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